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Top Five Reasons to Replace Your Windows in Virginia

Have you checked the condition of your windows lately? If your house is less than 15 years old, chances are the answer is “no.” But over time, windows start to show the signs of age. That’s when persistent problems like rotting wood, broken hardware, drafts, or seal failure show up and raise the question: “Should I replace my windows?”

Why Replace Your Windows?

If you’re looking at aging windows, you have two choices: fix ‘em or replace ‘em. It’s a decision that depends on how severe your window issues are, the money you have to spend, and how long you plan to live in the home. Most people want an easy fix. However, there are at least five reasons why replacing your windows is a better long-term option.

Reason to Replace #1: Repair Rotting Wood 

Until the 1990s, most homes in our area were built with wood windows. Unfortunately, in our hot and humid climate, wood windows rot and decay. When the window’s protective finish of paint or stain wears away, water seeps through to the underlying wood. This moisture creates an environment for mold to grow, which eventually leads to structural damage. If left untreated, this damage will spread and get worse. 

If your existing windows are rotting, your most efficient solution is to replace them with maintenance-free vinyl replacement windows. Because vinyl windows are made from polyvinyl chloride (uPVC), they are unaffected by moisture and fluctuating temperatures. You’ll never need to paint or seal them, plus your home will look great for years to come!

Reason to Replace #2: Fix Foggy Windows

If you’re noticing fog between the glass in your windows, seal failure may be to blame. Multiple pane windows have an insulated glass unit, or IGU. The IGU gives the window its insulating properties by maintaining a pocket of air between two panes of sealed glass. If your window is foggy, chances are that the seal in the IGU has failed. And, when that happens, moisture gets trapped between the glass.

An IGU with a broken seal can’t be fixed. It needs to be replaced. You can either replace the window or you can hire a glass technician to replace the IGU in your existing window. As you weigh your options, consider the age and condition of your window frames. Are they worth salvaging? Sometimes, replacing the whole window is a more cost-effective option.

Seal failure is the most common cause of permanently foggy, cloudy windows.

Seal failure is the most common cause of permanently foggy, cloudy windows.

Wood rot gets worse over time. Take action to prevent structural damage!

Wood rot gets worse over time. Take action to prevent structural damage!

Reason to Replace #3: Be Rid of Broken Hardware

Are your windows difficult to open? Or worse, a safety hazard? In a double or single hung window, a component called a “balance system” keeps tension on the window sashes to hold them in place as you raise them. If you can’t raise the window or it won’t stay open, your balance system may be broken. Other components that can break include locks, cranks, and latches. 

If you have broken hardware, contact the manufacturer for replacement parts. Newer windows may still be under warranty. Unfortunately, parts are very hard to come by for older windows and repairing is usually not possible. In that case, replacement windows are the best option. They’ll be safer and easier to operate, plus you’ll have the added benefit of increased energy efficiency.

Reason to Replace #4: Cost Savings Through Energy Efficiency

Window technology has come a long way in the last 15 years. Today’s windows are stronger, quieter, and much more energy efficient than previous generations. If you replace drafty, single-pane windows with Energy Star®’s rated vinyl replacement windows, you can save up to 31% a year off of heating and cooling costs. It’s a simple way to cut your energy usage and make a positive impact on the environment!

Reason to Replace #5: Love Your Home Even More

New vinyl replacement windows improve the value, performance, comfort, and beauty of your home. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much quieter your home can be, especially if you live near an airport or military base. You’ll also appreciate a more consistent ambient temperature as your windows insulate your home from the elements and block solar heat gain. 

With hundreds of design options, replacement windows can dramatically enhance the appearance of your home. Match the style you have or go for an entirely new look! With different window styles, grid patterns, vinyl colors, and shapes, the possibilities are endless.

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