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When to Choose “New Construction” Windows as Replacement Windows

If you’re thinking about replacement windows, you may be surprised to learn that “new construction” windows are an option. We build windows for “new construction” and typical replacement (or retrofit) applications.

In this article, we discuss the differences between replacement windows vs new construction windows to help you decide what is right for your older home.

New Construction Windows vs. Replacement Windows: What’s the Difference?

The difference between a new construction window and a replacement window is easy to spot. Look for the nail fin – a thin, flat vinyl edge around the perimeter of the window with evenly spaced holes. New construction windows include this design feature, also called “nailing flange.” Replacement windows do not.

During a new construction project or building addition, windows are installed before the siding and trim. The nail fin makes it possible for vinyl windows to be set into the rough opening, sills are flashed, caulked behind the nail fin, and the window is nailed directly to the sheathing. Once secure, the nail fin is taped, providing a secure, watertight seal.

Our CVP high-performance vinyl windows are available either with or without nail fin, suitable for new construction or replacement window applications.

When “New Construction” Replacement Windows Make Sense

It sounds like a misnomer, but “new construction” windows can be used as replacement windows in an older home. Remember, with this method, your trim and siding will be removed to expose the rough opening. If inside trim is involved, this can be a more invasive and costly option. However, it can be the right choice under certain conditions.

Choosing windows for new construction or replacement windows in new construction can be a challenging task, but our window specialists can help you assess the condition of your home. We often recommend “new construction” replacement windows in these situations:

  • Your windows are leaking: A “new construction” installation removes damaged materials and restores the moisture barrier to your window openings.
  • Your home has aluminum windows and vinyl siding 
  • You plan to replace your siding along with the windows

We do not recommend “new construction” windows for homes with brick, stucco, or aluminum siding.

Ask Our Experts About New Construction Replacement Windows

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