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Warranty Information

We Stand By Our Products

Here at CVP Windows & Doors we believe in standing by our products and take great pride in our workmanship. To help extend that faith to you we offer a wide range of exceptional warranties. Besides the warranties listed below, we also some other warranties. Call 757-887-3194 and ask about a transferable warranty or ask about a glass breakage warranty.

CVP Windows & Doors Lifetime Limited Warranty

All of our CVP products are custom manufactured in Newport News, VA. As such we are extremely confident in the workmanship. In fact, we are so confident that we offer this special lifetime limited warranty. Click image below for more information.

VEKA Euroview Window and Door – 25 Year Limited Warranty

Interested in VEKA Euroview windows and doors? We offer a 25-year limited warranty so you can be assured that you’re protected from failure. Click image below for more information.

Ventana EuroView Windows and Doors – Limited Warranty

We also offer a limited warranty for Euroview windows and doors from Ventana. Click image below for more information.

Roto NT – 10 Year Performance Warranty

Roto also offers a 10-year performance warranty for their quality products. Click image below for more information.

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