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Replacement Windows Cost

What Do Quality Replacement Windows Cost?

Tips to help you get the most value for your money.

When considering replacement windows cost, you’ll find a wide price range as you shop around – anywhere from $ 400 – $ 1,200 per window installed. Several factors influence the cost of window replacement. All other things being equal, it’s tempting to make a decision on price alone. However, the lowest-priced window may not deliver the best value and performance for your money.

You deserve the highest quality replacement windows for your budget. There are many factors that affect the cost of window replacement and understanding them will help you make a wise investment. These factors include the cost of window material, window style, window features and performance, and the cost of window installation.

2 Men Installing a Replacement Window

Cost Differences in Window Materials

Vinyl, Wood, Fiberglass, Composite

Replacement windows are available in a variety of different materials including wood, fiberglass, composite, and vinyl. There are pros and cons to each window type and pricing can vary significantly.

For most homeowners, vinyl is the material of choice. That’s because, unlike wood, vinyl replacement windows are maintenance-free and rot resistant. The cost of a window replacement company in Newport News, VA is influenced by the climate. In a humid climate like ours, choosing a weather-resistant window protects your home from moisture damage. Plus, vinyl windows are typically more affordable than fiberglass or composite.

Different window materials add style and sophistication to your home. If a specific finish is important to you, you may think wood is your only option. However, don’t dismiss vinyl just yet. Today’s vinyl replacement windows come in several standard colors and can also be painted.

These are just some of the reasons why vinyl replacement windows are often a great choice for starter homes, luxury homes, and everything in between.

Cost Differences in Window Styles

Double Hung, Single-Hung, Casement, Picture, or Slider

Replacement windows are available in different styles. As a general rule, stationary windows are more cost-effective than operating windows. All other things being equal, the picture window is the least expensive style. That’s because it is a single fixed sash with no operating hardware.

Operational windows come in several different styles. Double and single-hung windows have sashes that slide up and down. Casement windows crank open to the left or right, and slider windows have sashes that open horizontally.

In Coastal Virginia, double-hung windows are the most popular style. They might cost a bit more than single-hung, picture, or slider window styles. But homeowners appreciate being able to open both sashes and tilt them in for stress-free cleaning.

Replacement Vinyl Windows in Williamsburg VA
Double Hung Windows Replacement service

Cost Differences in Features & Performance

Energy-Efficient Glass, Durable Hardware, Structural Integrity

We’ve talked about the visible differences in replacement windows. But often it’s what you can’t see that has the biggest impact on performance, longevity, and cost. Competing windows from different manufacturers may look similar, but have different grades of glass, hardware, and construction methods.

Most homeowners want their replacement windows to be well-insulated. The grade of the insulated glass unit, or IG, is what makes the window energy efficient and helps to lower your heating and cooling costs. Energy-efficient replacement windows will feature double-pane insulated glass units with low-E coating and an inert glass such as argon. These qualities are what help make a window Energy Star(R) certified.

The operating hardware can also affect the cost of a window replacement and its longevity. To get your money’s worth, ask about the balance systems, locks, and latches used by the manufacturer. Windows with higher-grade hardware stand up to frequent use and harsh weather far better than their cheaper counterparts.

And speaking of value, did you know that every replacement window on the market comes with a performance “report card.” As a consumer, you can use the information on the window performance label to make an objective comparison of performance among different brands of windows.

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and National Fenestration Ratings Council (NFRC) maintain national standards for windows and doors. Manufacturers are required to independently test their products and publish their ratings. To learn more about our CVP products, click here.

Cost Differences in Installation & Service

Installation Type, Post-Sale Service, and Support

The cost of window installation services should be a significant factor in your choice of a replacement window solution. That’s because even the highest-quality window will underperform if it’s not sized and installed properly. Poor window installation can lead to issues like water damage, drafts, and difficulty opening the windows in the future

A licensed and experienced installation team will take the time to install your windows properly. They‘ll also alert you to existing rot or damage and take the necessary steps to repair it. An installer that covers up problems or cuts corners will cost you more money in the long run.

Your new windows should also come with a manufacturer’s warranty. If your window company subcontracts the installation to a third party, be sure you know who to call for service and support after the sale.

For most homeowners, the peace of mind that comes with hiring a reputable and professional installation company is worth the cost of window installation.

window installation process by CVP windows & Doors

Homeowner Reviews

Dave L.
Newport News

I just wanted to write you to give you feedback on the crew that worked the installation. These guys were absolutely outstanding. Courteous, professional and polite. They did excellent work and did it quickly. They cleaned up every little bit. You couldn’t even tell they were ever here besides the great work that they left behind.

Billy P.
Yorktown, VA

At first I thought I’d buy a patio door from the “big box store” and hire a handyman to install it. I’m so glad I spent the extra money to have CVP do my patio door replacement. The installation process was more complicated than I imagined. CVP did such a professional job!

Martha N.
Poquoson, VA

CVP has proven over and over to be a five-star company, from their choice and quality of products, to their impeccable workmanship and attentive customer service. Plus, the pricing was competitive if not better than most of the companies we got quotes from.

Ryan and Jacqueline T.

The installation crew is fantastic! From the first day, they were courteous, respectful, and meticulous. They clean as they work, never saw anything like it. They take pride in their work and it shows in their precision and workmanship. They take their time to make sure it gets done right and we appreciate that. No rush job. When they left you never knew they were here. Amazing! Can’t say enough about CVP.

Stuart G.
Virginia Beach

Thanks to everyone at CVP for your help in replacing the exterior sliding doors at my home. Your crew was amazing. They worked tirelessly in very hot weather, were very friendly, did a great job cleaning up afterward and most importantly did a GREAT job on the doors. Thanks again.

Paul M.
Williamsburg, VA

I really love my new windows and I think CVP Windows and Doors did a truly fantastic job from start to finish. My two year old Labrador Retriever “Meadow” feels the same way too. From my very first phone call with you months ago to the completion of the project on February 3, 2021, it has been an all-around wonderful experience and I sincerely thank you and your entire staff including those who work quietly behind the scenes and those who actually build the windows.

Mark K.
Williamsburg, VA

I would highly, HIGHLY recommend CVP. All the employees were clean, friendly and were extremely careful with my home. They also didn’t come back to us with change orders or ask for additional money I am also a local business owner and a firm believer in doing what you say. You will not be disappointed.

Robin T.
Virginia Beach, VA

I hired this company for an unusual door. They custom made the doors to fit a not standard entry. The doors look beautiful and the installers were the best. The quality of the doors is without measure the best I’ve seen. I cannot wait to show off our new front look.

Ryan & Jacqueline T.
Suffolk, VA

Your company is amazing to work with. The windows (entire house) and patio door we had installed are of very high quality. Awesome product! Love them!! The installation crew is fantastic!!! From the first day, they were courteous, respectful, and meticulous. They clean as they work, never saw anything like it. They take pride in their work and it shows in their precision and workmanship. They take their time to make sure it gets done right and we appreciate that. No rush job. When they left you never knew they were here. Amazing!!! Can’t say enough about CVP. They will be our only go to company for any window service. We are very happy with our windows and the exceptional service we received through the entire process. From beginning to end you are top notch. Thanks again! You are fantastic!

Debra Lynn M.
Isle of Wight, VA

Thank you so much for the beautiful windows and the awesome service provided by CVP. We are so happy with the windows. I have already shared pictures and info with a coworker who is contemplating new windows… Again, thank you!

Elaine E.
Hampton, VA

The team at CVP exceeded our expectations. Our house is on the water, and we had our windows and sliding doors replaced in February. Now, in May, we can already feel a huge difference in how much cooler the rooms are. To say I’m happy doesn’t even come close to how I feel. They’re wonderful!

Stuart G.
Virginia Beach, VA

Thanks to everyone at CVP for your help in replacing the exterior sliding doors at my home. Your crew was amazing. They worked tirelessly in very hot weather, were very friendly, did a great job cleaning up afterward and most importantly did a GREAT job on the doors. Thanks again!

Robert Z.
Virginia Beach, VA

I choose CVP for the quality of the windows and their professional installation. When installed by CVP, the windows never leak nor do I ever have an issue.

Our Saviour Lutheran Church
Virginia Beach, VA

The existing windows were aluminum clad. We replaced them with CVP’s DH55 double hung. The new windows are great, and an exact color match to our existing exterior cladding.

Ashley D.
Virginia Beach, VA

We chose CVP because we needed a window and patio door that could withstand the heavy wind and rains we get in Virginia Beach. I did a lot of research and was happy to find custom windows that were also hurricane-rated. Our experience was great. They were prompt and professional, and we didn’t experience a single service issue.

Benjamin & Peggy A.
Newport News, VA

We love our new windows and doors and will be happy to recommend CVP to others… You are a very nice and professional company.

Jim & Janelle W.
Newport News, VA

Thank you so much! We could not have asked for more from a window company, my husband and I are very happy with the product and the installation team. We ordered twenty (20) custom windows because we wanted the best energy efficiency windows on the market and for them to fit correctly, and everything went flawlessly. The installation was a pleasant experience due to the professionalism of the team leader and the expertise of the crew. They were prompt, efficient, and very knowledgeable. The windows are easy to use, have brightened our home inside and out, and have made the house quieter. There is a sense of stillness in each room. I am sure we will have many enjoyable years of maintenance-free windows. When finished the crew picked clean the area, vacuumed around the windows, and cleaned the windows of smudges and fingerprints. We are extremely pleased with our new windows and will recommend them to everyone. Thanks for addressing all of our questions directly and with care, exceeding our expectations. We now have a beautiful, high-quality custom product that I’m sure will last a lifetime.

Teresa W.
Newport News, VA

I would like to thank the CVP team for my new windows. Love, love, love them. I would also like to thank all of the install crew as well. They were so professional, friendly and courteous. A great experience from beginning to end an I would recommend you highly. Thank you from one happy lady !!

Rob G.
Newport News, VA

Thank you CVP! Sales Rep Jon Middleton was straightforward and easy to work with. An excellent ambassador for CVP. Jack and his crew were friendly, attentive, and professional from beginning to end. Overall, a great experience!

Becky T.
Newport News, VA

Jacek, Jeff and the rest of the crew did an outstanding job at our home. Their workmanship is superior and the window stools are perfect. The CVP team takes pride in the work they do and it shows. Thank you!

Tina D.
Newport News, VA

I wanted to let you know how happy we are with our new windows – they look great, are considerably easier to open and have definitely made a difference in the temperature upstairs – I can’t wait for the weather to cool off so I can open all of the windows in our house! The entire process, from the time you came out to see the house, to having the measurements done, to completing the install, was great – I would definitely recommend CVP to anyone looking for windows or doors for their home.

Congregation of Wesley UMC
Hampton, VA

We would like to thank you for the quality of work in the installation. The men who did the installations were well qualified, and also kind and considerate to the folks who were at the church. We especially appreciated the gentlemen who came the final Saturday to finish up the job while we were painting the sanctuary. If members of our congregation ever need windows or any product your company offers we will highly recommend you!

Jenn D.
Hampton, VA

really didn’t look at any other window company besides CVP Windows & Doors (CVP), and I’m not even sure another company could have done what CVP did. I had a vision in mind, and I wanted to weigh all my options. CVP delivered with hands-on service and expertise. This is my dream home, and I’m so happy to have windows custom-made to my specifications.

Linda P.
Yorktown, VA

I’m extremely happy with the magnificent, quality workmanship of my CVP windows and patio doors. My south-facing windows overlook the water and the Kiln Creek golf course. So, I needed insulating low-E windows that would keep the house cool, but also beautifully frame my view. I’m a realtor and am very particular about things. I can highly recommend CVP Windows & Doors.

Billy P.
Yorktown, VA

At first I thought I’d buy a patio door from the “big box store” and hire a handyman to install it. I’m so glad I spent the extra money to have CVP do my patio door replacement. The installation process was more complicated than I imagined. CVP sent out four people. They removed all the siding and cut back the door opening to fix underlying issues. They went the extra mile and didn’t cut corners. They were perfect with the caulk, gave me ¾” trim I didn’t have before, and put all my siding back up. It was such a professional job!

Cathy K.
Yorktown, VA

The street in front of our house is busier than it used to be. After our new windows were installed, I noticed the house was definitely quieter. Our old windows were the original windows when we bought the house and you could put your hand against the frame and feel the draft on several of the windows as well as see the condensation. It is great to have that problem eliminated and I expect there to be a difference in our electric bill with them being much more energy-efficient. I would like to compliment the installation team of Custom Vinyl. I was impressed with the number of workers they sent out to get the job done and how organized, neat and efficient they were. Each day they arrived on time and as scheduled which seems to be rare these days. When they finished the job the house was spotless and you never would have known there was a construction crew working inside or outside the house. Jacek was phenomenal – if they ran into an issue he’d just say “no problem, we’ve got it.” Thank you for your professionalism and for a great job.

Sue W.
Yorktown, VA

Before we bought our sliding glass door from CVP, we visited the factory. Michael was happy to show us how everything was manufactured. Considering the quality of the doors, CVP’s price was better than other estimates we received. The installation crew was impressive too. Although it took longer than we expected to have the door custom painted, we’re happy with how it turned out.

Terry B.
Yorktown, VA

I was impressed with CVP’s service from beginning to end. The crew worked diligently and they were polite and courteous. Everything went very smoothly with our sunroom. We’re now considering replacing our windows too.

Mary H.
Yorktown, VA

I am 100% satisfied with our window replacement project. Everyone at CVP is very professional, especially Jacek and the installation crew. We were so impressed by their diligence and quality work!

Gayle B.
Yorktown, VA

Until this year, my home had original windows from the 1980s. My son-in-law suggested that I call CVP, and I’m so glad I did! Barry gave me plenty of information and didn’t pressure me into making a decision. The installation crew was respectful, friendly, and so easy to work with. They did a fantastic job and my new windows are beautiful. I would hire them again in a heartbeat.

Stephen Y.
Yorktown, VA

“CVP replaced our windows and this helped sell our house in record time. Actually got $10K more than asking price… thank you CVP!”

Bill and Kathy A.
Yorktown, VA

Thank you for an outstanding job. The process was very straightforward. Inside and out, the crew cleaned up better than any other tradesperson who’s worked on our house. We had old, leaky, wooden windows. Considering how beautifully the new CVP windows fit and look inside and out, I think the name “Restoration Series” is very appropriate. They cost a little more than a basic replacement window, but if you plan to stay in your home for a while, I think the investment is well worth it. 5 stars across the board. Thank you!

Martha N.
Poquoson, VA

CVP has proven over and over to be a five-star company, from their choice and quality of products, to their impeccable workmanship and attentive customer service. We bought a home in the City of Poquoson. Anyone familiar with the area knows the impact that storms have on homes and surrounding structures. We found out very soon that the house needed all new windows. So, we began our search for a company that would provide quality at reasonable prices. Thank goodness our neighbor, who is a contractor, highly recommended CVP. Not only did they manufacture and install 24 windows, ranging from 36 x 48 picture and casement windows to our foyer window which is approx. 84 x 40 but it was done on time, quickly and perfectly. The crews were informative, patient and clean… YES… took off their shoes while in the house and they cleaned up after all their work! After completion, the owner of the company inspected their work ensuring all was completed to his high level of satisfaction… and the pricing was competitive if not better than most of the companies we got quotes from. Since then, CVP continues to be the only company we will trust. They have installed our front door, which looks gorgeous and will be installing a very large picture window (approx. 48 x 96) in the back of our house. We HIGHLY recommend CVP. Really…do yourself a huge favor and trust them to complete your projects.

Jim B.
Poquoson, VA

Every custom home I’ve built since 2001 has used CVP Windows & Doors windows (with the exception of one homeowner who demanded a national brand). I really do think that, dollar-for-dollar, CVP produces the best window on the market. The window systems are stronger and more durable than other brands. Plus, the company’s service will just blow you away. Several years ago, I was building a home and the framers completely messed up the rough openings. Every single one was wrong. With any other window vendor, we would have had to tear the walls apart. But CVP came out, remeasured, and revised the window manufacturing specs to fit. They can do that because CVP is a local manufacturer. No other window company could have done that. From a service and price standpoint, you can’t beat CVP.

Class “A” Contractor, and Owner, Burden Building Company

Mark S.
Williamsburg, VA

Very professional and courteous. Completed the job ahead of schedule. Noticeable difference in the outside noise level right away. Our home is much quieter. Have already had several neighbors ask about CVP Windows & Doors. Would recommend to everyone.

Mel K.
Williamsburg, VA

I hired CVP to replace two patio doors and they did an exceptional job. The installation was seamless. You’d think the new doors were built with the house!

Jacqlyn R.
Williamsburg, VA

We’re very happy with our new windows and impressed at how solidly built they are. Thank you, CVP.

Marv E.
Williamsburg, VA

CVP worked with us to redesign a window opening in our master bathroom. They removed an old single-hung window with sidelights that never opened and replaced it with a large picture window that widened our view and let in more light. It’s made such a difference.

Steve R.
Williamsburg, VA

This is the company you want! Professional, proficient, PATIENT (with all my questions and suggestions). They come precisely when they promise. No “hidden” fees or pressure to uptick your project. Everyone was so careful with our home (interior/exterior) and even our landscape. The windows look fantastic and function beautifully. Everyone from the president of the company to the installers – just a pleasure to deal with them. The BEST.

Gary K.
Williamsburg, VA

The work on my windows was, as always in the past, superb in every way from the removal of old windows to the installation of new ones, and to clean up. I strongly recommend the use of this company.

Thomas R.
Williamsburg, VA

Barry Taylor and his team are excellent. They have been precise with measurements, clean and neat and very respectful. The product they are providing is fantastic. I researched and looked at a lot of windows for my house, starting with the major brands. No one came close to the attention to detail in product and customer service, as CVP! Why did I wait so long, I love the windows!

Ron B.
Williamsburg, VA

Having come from the window industry, I knew what I was looking for in vinyl replacement windows for my own home. So, I had a lot of questions about the product. The team was knowledgeable, and it was clear they knew what they were doing. I was also impressed by the installation crew. They were efficient, courteous, and cleaned up every night before they left.

William R.
Toano, VA

I wanted to drop a quick note to let you know how impressed I was with two of your employees today. Jason and Andrew came to my house to take care of some issues with a couple of windows. They did a very professional job, were extremely courteous, and a pleasure to come in contact with. So often people are quick to complain but fail to compliment. Please know that they did a great job and are a credit to your company.

Elena C.
Lanexa, VA

Working with Barry Taylor and the Custom Vinyl team was such a pleasure. They took the time to listen and understand what we were trying to do. They offered options and explained the entire process. Everything was great. Even when we had a defective window. Barry caught it right away and said ‘we’re going to fix it.’ We didn’t notice and I’d imagine other companies would let it go. Not CVP. They even came to check on it after hours.

John L.
Hayes, VA

It’d be impossible to do a better job than what you did. When your installers were finished, it was absolutely outstanding. Thank you!

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At CVP Windows & Doors we design, build, and install replacement windows that suit your home and your lifestyle. As a regional manufacturer, we’re able to offer personalized service, prompt warranty support, and competitive pricing on high-quality vinyl replacement windows and doors.

No matter what your reason for replacing your house windows, CVP Windows & Doors is the window installer you need to help you choose the perfect replacement windows to solve all your needs. Call us or click here to schedule a free estimate for the cost of a window installation company in Newport News, VA. We serve the entire Hampton Roads community including Newport News, Yorktown, Poquoson, and nearby Virginia and North Carolina.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What styles of replacement windows do you offer?

We offer a wide range of styles perfectly suited to your home. Our options include:

  • Double-hung windows
  • Sliding windows
  • Casement windows
  • Awning windows
  • Bay & bow windows
  • Picture windows

Are new windows more energy efficient?

New windows are much more efficient than most drafty old windows, especially when properly installed by a reliable professional. ENERGY STAR® qualified energy-efficient windows can save you as much as $500 annually on heating and cooling costs.

Do new windows require regular maintenance?

Replacement windows can give your home the look and comfort you need while providing potential savings on your energy bills. Proper window replacement can also drastically increase the value of your home. Get started with a free window replacement cost estimate!

CVP Windows & Doors is the trusted window and door contractor of Newport News, Yorktown, Poquoson, Seaford, Gloucester, Hampton, Williamsburg, Toano, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and many surrounding areas in Virginia and North Carolina.

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