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Professional Window Installation for Coastal Virginia

Because window performance depends on proper installation!

Your replacement windows need to be properly installed if you want to enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, comfortable, and energy-efficient home. Choosing the right windows is an important first step. However, you also need to choose the right window installer. That’s because even the best window will underperform if it’s installed quickly and unprofessionally.

Take the time to research your options and make sure your window installer is reputable, experienced, and ethical. CVP Windows and Doors does not use subcontractors. Every installer on our team is an employee and has a background in building construction. Our staff includes a Class A Contractor and we have a combined 125 years of experience in the homebuilding industry. 

Our Window Installation Methods

Let us recommend a window installation solution to make your home look great and protect its long term value. With several different methods and approaches, we’ll address the specific needs and requirements of your home. You can rely on our expertise.


Best if siding or exterior trim can be removed. Most effective against water and air infiltration.
  1. With siding removed, original window is pulled from the rough opening.
  2. Sills are flashed and caulked per CVP Windows & Doors installation and flashing guidelines.
  3. The replacement window with “nail fin” is caulked and nailed to the sheathing. Nail fin is then flashed using flexible flashing to provide a secure, watertight seal.
  4. Siding is reinstalled or replaced.


Restores structural integrity. Recommended for buildings/homes with wood rot, leaks, gaps, and other underlying issues.
  1. Hardware, sashes, and the existing frame are removed down to the studs.
  2. Rough opening is prepared, insulated, and protected against water infiltration before new window is installed.
  3. Factory-applied brickmold trim on replacement window offers an attractive, maintenance-free solution for years to come.
  4. Replicates appearance of a traditional wood window.

TYPICAL INSERT (Box Frame, Pocket Insert)

Quickest and least expensive approach.
  1. Window hardware and sashes are removed from existing frame.
  2. New window is secured, sealed, and insulated within existing frame.
  3. Exterior wood frame is wrapped with PVC coil stock.
Homeowner Reviews

The installation crew is fantastic! From the first day, they were courteous, respectful, and meticulous. They clean as they work, never saw anything like it. They take pride in their work and it shows in their precision and workmanship. They take their time to make sure it gets done right and we appreciate that. No rush job. When they left you never knew they were here. Amazing! Can’t say enough about CVP.

Ryan and Jacqueline T. of Suffolk

Thanks to everyone at CVP for your help in replacing the exterior sliding doors at my home. Your crew was amazing. They worked tirelessly in very hot weather, were very friendly, did a great job cleaning up afterward and most importantly did a GREAT job on the doors. Thanks again.

Stuart G. of Virginia Beach
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