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How Replacement Windows Make Your Home Quieter

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How replacement windows make a big difference

You may be wondering if replacement windows can make your home quieter. It’s something we get asked about, especially from homeowners living near military bases, airports, railroads, and freeways. The short answer is yes, replacement windows can make your home quieter, but first we need to explain a little of the science behind acoustic testing. 

Windows, doors and other building materials are tested for sound absorption and given an STC rating. STC stands for Sound Transmission Class and it measures how well a material reduces outdoor to indoor noise. It’s important to understand that different noises have different sound frequencies. STC rating measures sounds in average frequencies and decibels, for example, a normal speech volume. But it doesn’t necessarily tell you how well it will block out a specific sound that’s bothering you – like the garage band next door.

Still, when you’re shopping for replacement windows, the STC rating is an objective measure you can use to compare different window systems and building materials. A higher number indicates that the window is better at blocking sound. Most single-pane windows carry an STC rating between 18 – 25. In comparison, double-pane windows range from 25 – 35. To give you a point of comparison, a typical exterior wall has an STC rating of 35- 45.

STC Ratings for replacement windows

At CVP, our standard double hung windows carry an STC rating from 28-30. We achieve this STC rating based on a standard glass unit consisting of two panes of ⅛” glass separated by a ½” argon filled air pocket. Many homeowners comment on how their homes are noticeably quieter after we install our standard replacement windows.

How windows reduce sound transmission

We also offer an upgraded STC window package on our Ecolutions window profile with an STC rating of 34-36. This window profile accommodates a thicker 1” glass unit consisting of a 3/16” pane of exterior glass, a ¼” laminated interior pane, and a wider 9/16” argon filled air pocket. This noise reduction solution has been proven in a number of private homes and multi-family developments along busy highways and near airfields throughout Hampton Roads. 

“I was anticipating an improvement in insulation related to temperature, but had not considered that sound insulation would also dramatically improve.”

– Justin M., Williamsburg

“The windows have made the house quieter. There is a sense of stillness in each room.”

– Jim & Janelle, Newport News

“The street in front of our house is busier than it used to be. After our new windows were installed, I noticed the house was definitely quieter.”

– Kathy K., Yorktown

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At CVP, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products, our installations, and our commitment to “always do the right thing.” We look for solutions which not only make your home look great but also make it more comfortable. Choosing windows with a good STC rating is essential to making your home as peaceful as possible.

So give us a call for a free estimate. Our sales and executive team have a combined 125 years of experience in the homebuilding industry. We’re happy to tell you what we know.

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