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Repair or Replace? Your Guide to Broken Windows

Are you looking for ways to fix a broken window? As a replacement window company, we talk to homeowners every day who ask the same question: “Can you help me fix my broken window?” Unfortunately, there’s no right answer. It really depends on the situation. To help, we’ve put together this short Window...

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Save Energy and Money with Replacement Windows

Happy Earth Day 2021! Today is a great day to think about energy efficiency. If your existing windows and doors are poorly insulated, you’re “wasting” energy by using your HVAC system to heat and cool your home more than you need to. An easy way to think about energy efficiency is energy waste....

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How Replacement Windows Make Your Home Quieter

You may be wondering if replacement windows can make your home quieter. It’s something we get asked about, especially from homeowners living near military bases, airports, railroads, and freeways. The short answer is yes, replacement windows can make your home quieter, but first we need to explain...

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How to Read a Window Energy Performance Label

Want to window shop like a pro? It’s as easy as learning how to read a window Energy Performance Label. In the same way a nutrition label can help you decide which foods to eat, the energy performance label can help you find the best option among several replacement window types and manufacturers. Finding...

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