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Window Condensation: Why It Happens and How to Prevent It

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Are you concerned about condensation on your windows? You’re not alone! Many homeowners are perplexed when water droplets appear on their windows. To help clear things up (literally!), we just created a new CVP Q&A video all about window condensation.

What Causes Window Condensation?

If you’ve ever enjoyed a cold drink on a hot day, you know all about condensation. Water droplets form whenever warm, humid air hits a cold surface. It doesn’t matter if that cold surface is a beer glass, a bathroom mirror, or your windows.

On windows, condensation typically appears in one of three places: the interior surface, the exterior surface, or in between the glass. If you want to get to the source of your window condensation, find out where the water droplets are forming.

We like to ask, “Can you touch it?” If the answer is “Yes,” don’t panic! Condensation on the inside or outside surface of your windows is normal and is usually easy to fix.

  • Interior condensation is usually a sign of high relative humidity. By reducing humidity and improving indoor airflow, you’ll mitigate most causes of window condensation indoors. Try maintaining an indoor humidity level of 25-30% and keep air moving with vents and fans. (0:39)
  • Exterior condensation is usually caused by the weather. It often appears in the morning during warmer months of the year and is gone by mid-day. (2:40)

If you can’t touch the condensation, it means that water droplets are forming in the gap between the panes of glass on a double or triple-pane window. Unfortunately, this type of window condensation IS a problem.

  • Condensation between the glass (3:25) is a sign of seal failure. This is an issue that will worsen over time. It starts when a gap in the seal allows moist air to collect between the panes of glass. As temperatures change, moisture in the air will condense, then evaporate. Over time, this cycle leaves a hazy residue on the inside of the glass unit. Eventually, you’ll need to call a professional glazing company to replace the glass unit inside the window or you can call a window replacement company like CVP to replace the entire window.

As Coastal Virginia’s Custom Window & Door Company, you can count on us for excellent customer service and unbeatable product quality. In fact, we offer a 25 year warranty against seal failure on all our windows.

If you’re a homeowner with CVP windows, our in-house service department is here to help you troubleshoot condensation and answer questions you have about your windows!
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