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How to Enhance Your Home with Custom Window Designs: Shape, Style, and More

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Windows don’t just let light into your space. They reinvent your home’s appearance and vibe with ventilation, sunlight, and an outside view of the world. They are a home staple for transforming a dull room into a bright, inviting atmosphere. With the right custom window design, your home can be your castle, cottage, or anything in between.

But what factors come to mind when drafting your professional window replacement blueprint? Let’s start with the basics.

Start with the Shape

Choosing a tasteful shape or size is one way to heighten your home’s attractiveness. Believe it or not, the type you select can spell the difference between a spacious or cramped room. For example, a circular window can create a focal point and add a touch of nautical elegance—and depending on placement, size, and quantity, it can spill light into the room to make it feel bigger. 

Likewise, a custom arched window introduces a feeling of grandeur and multiplies with double-hung replacement windows. Sharp corners and jagged edges can bring ruggedness, while smooth, rounded corners bring softness.

Next, the Glass

A window isn’t a window without its glass. Select an obscure pattern or frosted glass for added privacy—and a stunning effect as the sun shines through.  Fancy a more personal touch?  A CVP Windows and Doors sales consultant can guide you through the endless options by designing, building, and installing your ideal window.

Don’t Forget the Window Treatments

Now that you have the perfect window, don’t leave it barren. Dress it up with blinds, shutters, and curtains for a pop of color or texture. Coordinate the pattern with the color of the walls, furniture, and accents to impress your interior design-savvy friends and family. And if you prefer some shade on a blinding day, you can control the amount of light that peaks through the room while simultaneously upping the aesthetic appeal.

Top It Off with a Window Seat

Looking for added functionality and storage? A window seat can be your go-to nook to relax, read, or savor a cup of coffee as you start or end your day. Comfortable and (most importantly) convenient, your custom window seat can be crafted to fit any window size or shape, with drawers and cabinets to fit the essentials. Tailor it with upholstered fabric to match your curtains, and throw on some pillow toppers to be your guests’ new favorite loveseat. 

Typically, bay windows pair nicely and create a cozy alcove as the sun moves across the sky. If your window is especially large, it can even double as a small bed!

Quality is Everything

Of course, you’ll want to consult with your residential window replacement specialist to ensure your vision becomes a reality. From hinge casements to cottage-style double hung, CVP Windows and Doors sales consultants have the skills and finesse to meet your expectations. Not only that, but they use advanced technology and premium materials, such as a color-stabilized vinyl formula that resists staining and fading, and all product lines can meet or exceed Energy Star requirements.  

CVP Windows & Doors: Your Trusted Window Replacement Provider

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