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How to Make the New Black Window Trend Work for Your Home

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Black framed windows are perfect for homeowners who want a home with a modern, minimalist feel and high-contrast curb appeal. Their dark frames look striking against a white or light color exterior. Plus, they work especially well in homes with an industrial or modern farmhouse style. If you’re considering black vinyl windows for your replacement or new construction project, read on!

At CVP Windows & Doors, we offer our full line of high-quality black vinyl windows and sliding patio doors in a wide range of custom color options, like replacement windows with a black exterior and white interior. Everything we build is maintenance-free, Energy Star® rated, and custom-built for your project.

We work with you to determine which of our high-quality window or door systems is right for your home. Then, we sit down and customize the colors, features, and hardware to achieve your design vision.

Our Approach to Custom Color Vinyl Windows

The material we use to build our frames and sashes is a solid, high-quality virgin vinyl in three colors: white, beige, or clay. By design, we choose light-colored vinyl materials for our window and door systems. That’s because darker colors tend to absorb heat, which can cause warping, peeling, or chalking over time. By offering a factory-applied paint finish, we can achieve the look you want without impacting your desired performance.

The finish we use on our custom color vinyl windows is specifically formulated for vinyl. It is designed for commercial and residential applications and has a 10-year warranty against peeling, flaking, and fading. The factory prep process includes priming, cleaning, and masking the windows before paint application, followed by a heat-cured finish. You can be confident that your windows and doors are professionally painted, using the right products, in a controlled factory environment.

Our paint process gives you hundreds of color options, including the ability to color-match your shutters or interior trim, like black framed windows on your house. More importantly, we give you the option of having a different color on the exterior than on the interior.

If you want the street appeal of a black exterior window frame AND the clean, casual look of a white interior – we can do that! Plus, we ensure all your decorative grids and hardware match perfectly with black trim window options.

Colour Options By CVP Windows & Doors

Color your world! Our paint process gives you hundreds of color options, including the ability to color-match your shutters or interior trim.

Paint process for exterior or interior of your home

Our paint process allows you to have a different color on the exterior and interior of your home.

The street-appeal of a black exterior window frame.

The street-appeal of a black exterior window frame.

Common Questions on the Black Window Trend

Do black windows add value to your home?

  • Yes, black windows can enhance your home’s value by providing a modern and attractive aesthetic, especially when paired with a contrasting exterior.

Will black windows look good on my house?

  • Black windows can look stunning on houses, particularly those with a modern, minimalist, or industrial design. They offer a high-contrast appeal against light-colored exteriors.

Are black frame windows more expensive?

  • While the cost may vary, black frame windows are generally comparable in price to other color options. The added value in aesthetics often justifies the investment.

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Since 2001, CVP Window & Door Systems have been custom-built using advanced technology and high-performance materials for strength, durability, and energy efficiency. They are industry-leading in thermal performance. All products meet or exceed EnergyStar® standards and are certified by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and the National Fenestration Ratings Council (NFRC).

We thank Marquee Homes Inc. and Wayne Harbin Builders Inc. for the opportunity to show our products in their new construction homes.

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